You can add colors, YEAH!!! Update µ

Go ahead.

- Furnibuilder management 30-03-2017 00:13:34

I hate colors Update µ

Forgot you can put multiple colors on layers so I'll have to change this shit again.

- Furnibuilder management 28-03-2017 20:10:13

Add furniture and color manager Update µ

Both are done! You can even download your furniture already as SWF. You can't change images and x/y yet though, so you'll have to wait a bit more.

Next step will probably be either the image replacer and x/y or the animation manager, haven't thought of which one first.

But we are already very far in the process of making your very own furniture!

- Furnibuilder management 28-03-2017 15:41:26

Adding furniture is done! Update µ

It's working! It's amazing! It's fantastic!

Just joking, it's only working for me at the moment. It will be working for all of the million users soon.

I can't just open add furniture without making the "My furniture" page look good. Else you might think it isn't added whatsoever.

- Furnibuilder management 26-03-2017 15:41:40

Add furniture page is really done now! Update µ

As you may have, or may not have, noticed, the design for the add furniture page is done.

Now it's going to get harder and harder. Because it has to actually work... Really? Yeah, really.

Wish me luck and have fun reading the news!

- Furnibuilder management 24-03-2017 00:19:22 created by Ricardo (MovieGuy on Ragezone)