Ignore mouseclicks added to layer manager Update µ

You can now choose to have mouseclicks ignore for each layer, so you can even make unclickable layers now, have fun!

- Furnibuilder management 07-04-2017 16:44:13

Fixed more bugs Important !


I'm sorry that most furniture made by now will bug (maybe not if you didn't have activations or multiple layers), but it should be fixed now if you make new furnitures.

It's my bad for not testing all possibilities, I've just tested these things:
- 1 activations, 2 layers, both with animations
- 2 activaions, 2 layers, both with animations
- 3 activations, 1 layer, both with animations
- 3 activations, multiple layers, both with activations
- multiple activations, no layers, no animations
- single activation, single layer, no animations
- single activation, multiple layers, no animations

So they should now all work properly.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

- Furnibuilder management 07-04-2017 14:34:10

Fixed multiple doubleclicks Bug fix ª

It would work for 2 layers and 2 activations, but more was quite buggy.

I've fixed it so you can make furniture with more than 2 activations, go ahead and try it yourself!

- Furnibuilder management 07-04-2017 14:06:37

Colors are fixed Bug fix ª

Please save colors again if you have used it before, it had a bug where it wouldn't forward slash the ending of the color so the whole furniture wouldn't load.

It's fixed now so all you need to do is save colors again, nothing else.

- Furnibuilder management 07-04-2017 13:37:00

Fixed furniture name Bug fix ª

There was a simple regex error, so I fixed it and you can't choose invalid names anymore.

- Furnibuilder management 06-04-2017 14:25:19 created by Ricardo (MovieGuy on Ragezone)