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Preview bug fixed New ¬ Bug fix ª

When you had more than 2 rotations, it sometimes didn't show a few rotations in the preview screen.

It should be fixed now!

- Furnibuilder management 19-04-2017 16:25:14

Preview bug fixed Bug fix ª

Sometimes when you have more than 2 activations, it wouldn't show up in the preview (don't worry, furniture code is still right!), but it's fixed now!

- Furnibuilder management 13-04-2017 12:11:30

Download with zoomout Update µ

You can now download your furniture with zoomout images and codes (without graphics tags).

This is done for people who still use r63 instead of r63b.

Have fun!

- Furnibuilder management 12-04-2017 18:35:18 created by Ricardo (MovieGuy on Ragezone)