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Future of .eu New ¬ Important !

From 1 july 2019, you will not be able to add or duplicate furniture on anymore. If you wish to make furniture, you will have to move to Thank you!

- Furnibuilder management 18-06-2019 19:10:58

Furnibuilder v2 Update µ

Furnibuilder v2 is now in beta, you can find it at Have fun! Let me know if something isn't working on the Furnibuilder Discord!

- Furnibuilder management 14-06-2019 21:23:38

Some updates Update µ

So as you know, FurniBuilder v2 hasn't been finished yet. But I'm still working on it! Atleast FurniBuilder v1 got a lot faster, so have fun!

- Furnibuilder management 07-05-2019 02:04:50 created by Ricardo (MovieGuy on Ragezone)